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It all started in Australia in the late seventies.

In 1978 Neville Tranter came with his Stuffed Puppet Theatre to the Festival of Fools (street theatre) in Amsterdam and never left.
He developed his typical style of visual theatre with human size puppets. Neville Tranter is the only person on stage. Neville Tranter is the founder, the artistic force and the only constant factor in all those years of Stuffed Puppet Theatre. He is Stuffed Puppet.
In his own brutal, ruthless but poetic way, he confronts the audience with their fears and dreams, urges and desires, personified by what are often life size talking puppets. Combining a minimal decor with sophisticated music,lighting and sound, using the oldest devices of the theatre as well as state of the art technology, Neville Tranter is capable of evoking images that the audience will not forget for a long time.
STUFFED PUPPET has several productions in repertoire. All productions are performed in either the English or Dutch language, sometimes with subtitles in any other language. Current productions are «MOLIÈRE», «SCHICKLGRUBER, alias ADOLF HITLER», «VAMPYR» and «CUNICULUS». The newest production is a small stage-show in the old Guignol style: «Punch & Judy in Afghanistan»
Since years Neville Tranter gives masterclasses/workshops for puppeteers. As specialist in performing with the human size puppets he was invited to almost all major puppet academies in Europe for lessons.
In the last years Neville Tranter has directed several theatre productions, wich had all something to do with puppetry.
From time to time Neville Tranter works in co-production with other theatre performers. With Holland Diep (Dordrecht) Tranter in 2005 took part in the realization of a Xenakis opera: Oresteia. In 2007 he was guest-director of the Freitagsakademie, Bern (CH), for Acis & Galatea by Händel. For 2010 he will work with the same Freitagsakademie on Dido & Aeneas by Purcell.
p r o d u c t i o n s




· 1988 ROOM 5

· 1990 MACBETH!


· 1994 KASPAR HAUSER, with Beppe Costa and Ria Marks

· 1996 SALOMÉ

· 1996 MACBETH! video-production

· 1998 MOLIÈRE, director and author Adri van Dijk, concept Neville Tranter

· 1999 RE: FRANKENSTEIN, with Reinmar Henschke, Harald Kündgen, Wolf Dix and die Ameisenkinder

· 2000 RE: FRANKENSTEIN director and author Adri van Dijk, concept Neville tranter

· 2003 SCHICKLGRUBER, ALIAS ADOLF HITLER. A coproduction of Stuffed Puppet Theatre with Kleine Spui, Schauspielhaus Wien in collaboration with Wiener Festwochen and Novapool Berlin
director Allan Zipson, text Jan Veldman, concept Neville Tranter

. 2006 VAMPYR (again in co production with Schauspielhaus Wien), director Allan Zipson, text Jan Veldman, concept Neville Tranter

. 2008 CUNICULUS (co-production with FiDeNa/RuhrTriennale), director Hans ManIntVeld, Jan Veldman, concept Neville tranter

. 2009 PUNCH & JUDY IN AFGHANISTAN (co=production with Linz09), director/puppeteer/text Neville Tranter

a w a r d s

· 1989 Figurentheater Festival Erlangen prize / Germany

· 1994 Kleinkunstpreis der Stadt Wilhelmshaven / Germany for THE NIGHTCLUB

· 1996 Kleinkunstpreis der Stadt Schwerte / Germany for MACBETH!

· 2001 Best performance World Festival of Puppet Art in Prague / Czech Republic for MOLIERE

· 2001 Sirene d’oro - Arrivano dal Mare in Cervia / Italy

· 2002 Jugendjury Preis – Synergura, Erfurt / Germany for MOLIERE

· 2002 Grand Prix – Pif, Zagreb / Croatia for MOLIERE

· 2004 Kleinkunstpreis der Stadt Schwerte / Germany for SCHICKLGRUBER, ALIAS ADOLF HITLER

· 2004 Grand Prix - Festival Baj Pomorski, Torun / Polen

. 2005 Wim Meilink Prijs (Nederlandse Vereniging voor het Poppenspel)

. 2007 PIF, Zagreb

f i l m and t v

· 1989 THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS, a 43 minute film (16 mm) based on the theatre production, directed by Frans Weisz

· 1996/1997 Manipulation puppets in "Koppen dicht" and "Otje" (youth TV productions)

· 1999 Television registration of RE:FRANKENSTEIN. Integral Broadcast by ZDF/3SAT (german subtitles) and ARTE (french and german subtitles)

a l s o


2006/06 DIERIGENTEN; Osiristrio & Neville Tranter (dir. Frans Weisz): classical music & puppets

2005 ORESTEIA (Music Xenakis, dir. Cilia Hogerzeil, prod. Muziektheater Hollands Diep, making and playing man-size puppets Nev. Tranter)

2007 ACIS & GALATEA (music Händel, dir. and puppeteer Neville Tranter, prod. die Freitagsakademie, Bern)

2010 DIDO & AENEAS (music Purcell, dir. and puppeteer Neville Tranter, prod. die Freitagsakademie, Bern)

e x h i b i t i o n s of Neville Tranter's paintings (often during theatre festivals)

· 1997 Switzerland, Theatre Ticino (Wädenswil)

· 1998 USA, Snug Harbour Cultural Center Gallery (Staten Island, New York)

· 1998 USA, Dance Theater Workshop (Manhattan, New York)

· 1998 Switzerland, Theatre Ticino (Wädenswil)

· 1999 Germany, Tafelhalle (Nürnberg)

· 2000 Switzerland, Theatre Ticino (Wädenswil)

· 2001 Netherlands, Paleis van Justitie (Amsterdam)

· 2001 Germany, Tafelhalle (Nürnberg)

· 2003 Netherlands, Ostadetheater (Amsterdam)

· 2004 Spain, Barcelona, Festival Int de Titelles

. 2005 Silkeborg, Kulturhuset

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